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Engagement is the key to success for strategic initiatives to succeed


Subject matter experts aren’t always your best bet when they present content to learners. What usually happens is experts stand fully on the “expert” stage and have left long ago the “novice” stage of most beginners. For that very reason, they can skimp on background information that they may take for granted, but new hires very much need.


To get real traction with learning, you must marry subject matter expertise with education science – science that addresses how people learn. This will allow you to best analyze:

  • Who needs to learn the topic
  • At what level
  • How to sequence and package the information
  • How to assess whether learning was effective

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Instructional design is the science of creating, developing, implementing, evaluating, and maintaining learning. Subject matter expertise and instructional design are the hand and glove of solid, outcomes driven learning.

When you leverage a Redilearning course, you can rest assured that Redilearning has both expert content and the design rigor to provide your team with courses that are instructionally sound, easily consumed, and readily applied. This approach offers a far greater return on investment for your learning initiatives. Watch a demo and see the difference!

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