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Keeping learners fresh, engaged, and actively applying knowledge


On average, a senior care worker is required to take about 20 hours of training annually. Among the top complaints heard in senior care: “why do we have to take the same courses over and over again each year?” Learner fatigue is a real issue.

“We tried others, but never had the quality we have with Redilearning.”

SVP, Clinical Advisor, Community Services of Georgia


Each year, the Redilearning team refreshes the top 20 courses – to keep teams energized on the mission critical regulatory topics that matter to your business. You will:

  • Achieve compliance, while keeping learners engaged.
  • Get better results: because learners will be taking courses designed with leading best practices in education science. That means they are more likely to absorb and apply what they are learning.
  • Close the loop with quizzes and skill tracking. So not only will the tests confirm learners heard something, you can track actual skill application on the floor right in your Learning Management System. You gain a tool to impact and move real behavior change forward.

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