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The business of learning is still people-intensive, even if you have an existing LMS solution. Your staff must map people to training requirements upon hire, roll them over to courses each year, and keep up courses for ever-changing regulations. It’s a constant headache.

“While others had bits and pieces of solutions, we found in Redilearning a partner with deep experience in senior care, vast resources of high-quality content, and professionally aligned experts to help us execute our vision.”

– Steve Baker, VP Learning and Development, Enlivant.

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Clients of Redilearning automate the process of managing learners, licenses, and so much more. Choose the right blend of content from the Redilearning library or your own curricula. And just about anything you’d like to track about your people—you can do in your LMS. You will:

  • Eliminate labor and headaches with fully automated compliance
  • Track engagement for anything in your LMS and be proactively notified as exceptions arise
  • Offer credits with instructor-led online courses
  • Keep tabs on professional requirements
  • Teach, verify, and document skill mastery
  • Incorporate quizzes and see where to improve
  • Capture any item, like TB skin tests, flu shots, interview data, application status, and more
  • Track views of any document
  • Demonstrate receipt, knowledge transfer, and compliance
  • Minimize learner fatigue – the top 20 courses are updated annually

Getting the right resources to the right people at the right time—and tracking the results—has never been easier.

Make Compliance Easy

With A Fully-Automated Learning Management System

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