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100% senior care. 100% fully-automated.


With regulations constantly changing, it’s a real headache keeping up, chasing down course content, and mapping content to people — to keep your team in compliance.


Imagine a partner that understands how you’re regulated and how you must operate. Your Redilearning team will create a “blueprint” ahead of time, including type of learners, state, and facility type—with all required learning. You’ll enter a new hire once, and orientation courses, licensing, and annual rollover to in-service curricula is fully automated. As regs change and new courses are needed, those are automatically mapped to your learners for you.

Fully automated compliance with Redilearning

Finally we can do things that we think are important vs. what comes out of a box…it is so refreshing.

– Kim Warnecke, Director of Organization and Talent Effectiveness, Gulf Coast Health Care

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  • Be survey-ready in a click.
  • Be compliant everywhere. Whether you do business in one state or have 50 buildings in 20 states…corporate doesn’t have to worry. It’s automatic.
  • Get the right courses that are deeply rooted in advanced learning science. This means that what gets taught has a higher likelihood of being absorbed and put into practice.
  • Proactively track performance. If people are behind, you can get automatic alerts pushed to you via email and dashboards vs. having to pull reports.