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Dive deep and take business performance to a whole new level


Readmissions headaches. Survey risks. Sluggish occupancy. Whatever your challenges, every organization has them, and it will take a whole lot more than a library of eCourses to tackle them. If your staff is not fully engaged with their minds and committed with their hearts to helping you, these problems will continue to take a toll on your top and bottom line. Time to shake things up?


Step out of your comfort zone and into an idea zone beyond your imagination. In an interactive workshop, a team of black-belts, led by an award-winning, Vanderbilt University-degreed expert in learning design, will challenge everything about how you interact with your staff. You’ll come away with an action plan for mixing people, processes, and technologies that will get results.

“We realized that we needed so much more than an online inventory of courses.”

SVP Human Resources, Senior Lifestyle



  • Measure your performance in key areas, compare against others, and set goals
  • Prioritize risks – which ones must get addressed now, which can wait
  • Come to terms with stagnant paradigms – and break them
  • See faster ROI and accelerate your top strategic initiatives

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