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1205, 2015

Are you (FL) Renewal Ready?

Florida DOH initiated important changes to the professional license renewal process.

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2804, 2015

Alice Barker “It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing!”

Sweet Alice Barker, at 102, was seeing for the first time, her younger self dancing on video from the 1940s. She and her entire family had thought there were no existing tapes of this time until an enterprising young man found them and brought them to Alice.

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2503, 2015

The Strategic Imperative of Learning

In my last blog, we began looking at the “Know Me, Entice Me, Improve Me, Reward Me” model. In this blog post, I want to expand on that and map its applicability to our industry.

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1003, 2015

CMS announces release of 2015 Impact Assessment of Quality Measures Report

Quality measurement results demonstrate significant improvement.

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903, 2015

Redilearning recognizes Long Term Care Administrator’s Week 2015

Long Term Care Administrator’s Week honors and celebrates the important role the administrator has in providing leadership for the delivery of quality, resident-centered care and a supportive work environment for staff.

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303, 2015

The Coming Evolution in Senior Care Education: From Checkboxes to Business Outcomes

In the senior care industry, we are constantly being challenged to do more with less – less money, fewer people, less time. Given that the squeeze has been on, and will continue, let’s stop and reflect a moment on what we need to deliver quality resident and patient outcomes in this ever-tightening model.

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