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3007, 2015

The results are in! Are you protected?

The National Emphasis Program is a vehicle for OSHA to focus on particular areas of healthcare operations that lead to injury and potentially lawsuits. Redilearning helps you be prepared for these initiatives, not just for the findings, but also in real time as they are happening.

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2306, 2015

Florida Assisted Living: What’s New?

An overview of the recently enacted Florida Assisted Living Facilities Bill and how it affects your training.

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1706, 2015

I Couldn’t Live Without….

Mary Pfeifer at Advanced Healthcare Solutions makes a great point in her recent McKnight's article. When it comes to education, “uniform messaging” is critical - especially when trying to provide a brand solution from facility to facility and across various geographies.

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1506, 2015

Three New Sexual Harassment Courses Now Available

Sexual harassment is an ongoing issue in workplaces across the country, and can have significant consequences for victims and their employers. Redilearning offers training designed to provide a greater awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace, steps to take to prevent it, and methods to deal with it if it does occur.

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2705, 2015

Where Senior Living Thrives! Hear Us Roar!

In order to compete with the expanding options families have now (including staying put), we have to deliver that exceptional resident experience, every time. Not just to keep existing residents, but to the level that our residents feel comfortable referring their friends and families to us.

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1205, 2015

The More Things Change….

While payors may be very different in each setting, the expectations of our seniors should not be. Seniors want us to show we care as never before. They want care that just works. This takes an entirely new perspective on onboarding and training.

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