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2011, 2015

The Redilearning Blog has moved to

You can still keep in touch with all the latest news, information and compliance updates from us on the Relias Learning blog.

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2210, 2015

Let’s Leverage Our Orientation Programs To Combat Turnover!

We all struggle with new hires—the sheer volume of them, the quality and way we train, and whether or not all this matters. Don't panic! We may just have the answer.

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110, 2015

Redilearning Compliance Challenge Drives Compliance for Welcov Healthcare

Redilearning recently helped Welcov Healthcare drive compliance and engagement at facilities across the country by launching the Redilearning Compliance Challenge, spearheaded by Client Success Manager, Rebecca Soler.

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309, 2015

Got Gas?

Kind of like the gas in your car’s gas tank, education is usually the primary driver in most compliance initiatives.

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2608, 2015

Turnover ain’t a pastry in our world

In the past decade, our industry of long-term care has seen substantial job growth. And that’s a good thing! Unfortunately, we also have another little “gift”. The gift that will keep on giving if we don’t do something about it. And I’m talking about turnover.

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1708, 2015

Demystifying Employee Engagement

I am a believer in engagement. In the “old days” we simply called it “culture” because “engagement” wasn’t on our radar yet. Really, what we were wanting was an engaged workforce built on a strong culture. A workforce that treats people – residents, families and each other – with respect and can think on its feet.

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