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Touch learners many ways and watch your initiatives soar


When it comes to learning, one style does not fit all. Did everyone not only see a message…but really get it? How do you know for sure?


As you blend learning modalities, you’ll maximize effectiveness of reach.

Redilearning has made compliance so much easier.

And employee satisfaction is way up—as we engage, inspire, and build momentum with broadcasts.

– Jim Douthitt, Senior Vice President Skilled Nursing Services, RehabCare

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Touch your learners in 6 ways, and take company performance to new levels.

  1. Train in-person or online with your best experts, and capture in Learning Broadcasts.
  2. Record the best practices of your bright stars in Learning Broadcasts.
  3. Comply with award-winning Redilearning courses. The top 20 are updated annually.
  4. Get a competitive edge with Just-in-time courses from national industry experts.
  5. Share any document. Great for policies & procedures, benefit roll outs, and more.
  6. Set up quizzes and feedback surveys. Great for gap analyses to see where more learning is needed.

For each of the above, you’ll organize them in your Learning Management System, automatically map content to learners, and track the results. Your Redilearning client services team will be constantly working with you to confirm you are maximizing use of the system.

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